About Us

A combination of the right people and an innovative culture can result in extraordinary things – so it’s no wonder Nova Scotia has a growing list of home-grown success stories like SheepDog Inc.

SheepDog Inc. is an IT company doing application development within the cloud computing space. The Nova Scotia-based company can proudly claim it was the first company Google chose to outsource certain elements of its own development to. Since partnering with Google, the company continues to raise the bar. SheepDog Inc. employee (Adam Thurlow) created code for Google’s infrastructure – an achievement worthy of a Google award. Equally noteworthy is the widget SheepDog Inc. developed to deliver real-time medal updates to athletes, coaches, officials and journalists via mobile devices – a widget first unveiled at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and used once more at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. The technology has been downloaded millions of times and soon after being introduced, became a top hit on Mac.com.

SheepDog Inc. is using its technology to develop world-leading products and services – and they’re doing it all from Nova Scotia. In fact, the company attributes its success to its roots in the province.

Julia Rivard, CEO of SheepDog Inc., says “SheepDog is successful because of its organizational culture – a culture created by the loyal employees we’ve found in Halifax. Many employees have turned jobs down in larger centres like Toronto and in the US because they enjoy living here (in Halifax). They enjoy the lifestyle, and they are well connected to the world through technology.”

In an industry where the global competition for talent is fierce – Nova Scotia offers a fresh change. “Poaching is not necessarily a problem here like it would be in Silicon Valley or New York. It’s actually looked down upon,” says Rivard. “We find that once we find the right talent, they remain loyal. It’s the nature of our business and really the nature of the industry here in Nova Scotia.”

Rivard adds, “There is momentum in the IT industry in Nova Scotia and lots of great opportunity to continue growing.” And grow it will, right here in Nova Scotia.