Technology Makes Getting Reviews Easier

Prior to the advent of the internet and online review sites, it was hard to determine which dog food was best, or which refrigerator had the longest life. In fact, we had no idea which dishwashers, tablets, cell phones or tennis shoes to buy because there wasn’t a way to research what other people thought about the products we were interested in. Now, we can hop online, do a quick search and find a plethora of write ups about which brands, designs and products are the highest ranking.

These technological advancements have opened the doors to learn all we could ever dream about goose down comforters. All we have to do is read reviews here. The same can be said about cat foods and tablet PCs. We can determine whether or not we need Frisky Cat or IAMs based on other people’s opinions. We’ll know if HP is better than Apple in a matter of minutes rather than having to determine those things via the old ways: trial and error.

Technology Makes Getting Reviews Easier

How to Determine Which Review Sites are Legitimate

Since we’re so thrilled about the ease in which we access reviews it might be a good idea to review the review sites. Which ones are the most trusted?

Obviously, there are some that utilize review-trickery. They employ writers to write bogus reviews of products for the sake of boosting sales. That’s also the joy of these advancements in technology. You can learn more about that here.

So, which sites can you depend on? Here are some ways to determine if a review site is legitimate:

  • Disregard the Extreme– Over the top reviews usually have some hidden agenda. If there’s exceptionally positive or negative commentary you might want to ignore that opinion. Most people have both positives and negatives to say about their experiences.
  • Similar Wording– When you see that reviews are written in a comparable way, chances are, the same person is writing them. The other issue is that many of the reviews may just be cut and pasted with slight alterations to fit individual products. This is a sneaky and annoying trick. Avoid it.
  • Read Multiples– While you really want to be able to trust just one site’s reviews, you’re better off reading the reviews on different websites to get an accurate picture of the product or service you’re investigating.
  • Investigate the Reviewer– Seriously, you should read multiple reviews by that individual. You can even check out his/her Google and Facebook status’ before you decide to put any weight to what he/she has to say about something. Don’t go blindly into this good night.

Some Noteworthy Review Sites

While you are trying to determine how to trust review sites, we’d like to provide you with a couple of options that we use whenever we want a review on technology or other products:

  • c|net- c|net bridges the online review gap. You can get reviews on just about anything from their site. You can learn more about them by clicking this.
  • PC Mag- This is our other go to when it comes to our tablets and computer needs. The fact that it’s a magazine gives it a little more credibility in our minds. Read more.
  • Consumer Reports- these site tops our list for product reviews because it’s an online source as well as a print one. You can check it out here.

With these three options you should be able to compare and contrast reviews until you are certain you know which product or technological gadget is best for you.