Take a Step Back From Modern Technology and Get a Retro Record Player

Technology is fantastic.  Just that tiny phone in your hand enables you to enjoy more things than what your grandparents enjoyed in weeks.  With your phone you can enjoy movies, music, information, education and so much more.  But we become so used to technology that we hardly notice just how lucky we are in these modern times.  You only really learn the value of what you have to your disposal when your phone crashes or is misplaced.  And sometimes it can be quite fun to be without your phone because you can finally appreciate life, people and just being you.  It’s fun to sometimes figure out how to do things the old way.  If you want to take a trip down memory lane or perhaps just want to make your home a bit more interesting then you should definitely get a record player for your home.

Take a Step Back From Modern Technology and Get a Retro Record Player

What is a record player?

Record players are the modernized version of phonographs.  Phonographs were invented in 1877 and were also called gramophones.  Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the first device that could play and record sounds.  And since then phonographs were developed into record players, record players into CD players and today you can enjoy music in completely digital form from your smartphone.  Record players are however still quite popular because they are the only devices that can play those vintage records and the music played from these devices offers a sound that gives a true vintage feel.

Great reasons to get a record player

  • Record players are perfect photo props for vintage, retro, rockabilly and steampunk photography sessions.
  • Record players are interesting and they are always a good source of fascination and education to children.
  • You can use record players to play music from retro disks that would otherwise be unusable.
  • Record players look gorgeous which makes them ideal for wedding props or event props if you are going for a retro look.
  • You can start collecting original vintage records and play them whenever you like.

Shop the best record players for fewer than 100 dollars

On Your Vintage Vinyl you can scout for all of the best turntable record players.  Your Vintage Vinyl is a review site where you will find the best information on all the best record players and even some phonographs.  The reviews explain all the major features of the record players, they list all the pros and cons of the players and they give you a quick overview of what other people who bought the same models had to say about their ownership of the record players.

Where to buy record disks

Record disks are no longer made but they are still available.  Lots of online stores like Amazon and EBay has an abundance of record players that you can buy and have shipped to your doorstep. Most of these records are still relatively unused and some are even completely unopened and would make a great addition to your record collection.