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Leverage Tech When You Move

The internet makes plenty of things in our lives a lot easier.  With an internet connection, you can find anything, any place, any information and get help with ease.  But there are some things that the internet just cannot do.  Physical things, like moving to another location, are a lot of hard work and usually involve a lot of stress.  While the internet and tech cannot help your box up all of your homeware, the latest apps and online tools can greatly ease the process.  Here is how to leverage tech for easier moving trips.

Leverage Tech When You Move

Leverage Tech When You Move

Locate the best moving companies

You can greatly reduce the cost of moving by simply finding the right moving company.  The internet gives you access to all of the best and most affordable moving companies available in your region.  umzugsfirma bern is a good example of a moving company with incredibly affordable prices and great services.  With the right moving company, you can get all of your homeware moved to your new home in one single trip, with ease and a lot quicker than you can imagine.

Get a moving planner

Moving Planner is a free app for Android that helps you prep for the big trip.  You can keep track of everything that needs to be done, all of your stuff and list everything that is in each and every different box.  The app is easy to use and a must have for organization freaks.


This is another moving app but for iOS.  The app also helps you organize your trip, reminds you of important things to do and even allows you to make 15-second videos of all of those tricky things such as the wiring of your electronics.


This app enables you to sell all of the stuff you no longer need locally.  This app is suitable for Android and iOS and is perfect for decluttering and saving up some extra money for the big move.

Forearm Forklift

This is a very simple but very handy device that helps you lift all of those heavy objects and furniture in your home without injuring your back.  The device includes straps that attach to your forearms and body and helps you lift and carry heavy things without injuring your back.

Color Muse

This is the perfect app for those who cannot wait to go shopping for new home products like paint, towels, and décor.  You can use the app to match different paint colors with things in your new home like the wall color.  With this fun app, you can shop with ease knowing you will always have the perfect shaded item.

Smart trackers

Get smart trackers like Pixie 4 and add these trackers to some of your stuff like important documentation.  You can then check in on these objects via smartphone and locate the exact location of these items.  These trackers are perfect for finding important stuff when you are still busy unpacking.

Pet tracker

Pets have a tendency to wander off or get lost when you move to a new home.  With a pet tracker, you can locate your pet’s location through your phone’s GPS and bring the pup back to his or her new home.

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