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The Cleverest Ways to Make It Easier To Take Care of Your Dog

Dogs are men’s best friend.  They offer fantastic companionship and safety.  They are always happy to see you and forgive you easily when you are in a bad mood.  It is important to take great care of your dog but our busy work lives have made it hard to keep up with everything we have to do at home.  It is important to do everything in your power to give your dog the attention it needs and you can now find time to play with your pet by using these simple care and grooming techniques;

Get an elevated dog feeder and waterer

Some dogs can be terribly messy when it comes to dinner and drink time.  Some dogs absolutely love to tip their water and food bowls all over your floor and others will get heartburn after eating and make a nasty blurb on your just cleaned carpets.  A great way to cut back on cleaning time is to get an elevated dog feeder. These feeders are specially designed to keep your home clean and your pet healthy and fed.  The elevated feeding angle prevents burping in dogs and also keeps their stomachs from knotting.  If there is less cleaning to do, there will be more free time on your hands so you can play with your dog.  Visit this site to view some of the best and most durable elevated dog bowl sets on the market.

The Cleverest Ways to Make It Easier To Take Care of Your Dog

Build in a doggy shower

Bathing your dog in the bathroom can cause a terrible mess.  Your dog will shake and splash the water all around the bathrooms and soak your nice and clean towels.  No matter how well groomed a dog is, wet dogs smell absolutely awful and your entire bathroom will get that terrible smell every time you bathe your dog.  A great way for you to groom your dog is to get a built in doggy shower or tub outside of the house.  You can clean your dog at ease using a retractable shower head.  Your bathroom will stay clean and your family is much less likely to catch some doggy germs because you are no longer bathing your dog in your tub.  Portable doggy tubs are also great but if you want to make things really simple, get a tub or shower built.

Get a doggy door

A lot of pets are excellent at potty training. They will wake you up even in the middle of the night so they can go and do their business outside.  The down side of these indoor dogs is the fact that you could end up getting up three to six times in one night if your dog isn’t feeling too good or if he is suddenly curious about something outside.  A doggy door is a great way to ensure you get in a lot of sleep while your dog can come and go as he pleases.  Doggy doors can be dangerous for large dogs because some people can actually fit through a Labrador’s doggy door quite easily.  You can only get a doggy door if you have a smaller breed like a Yorkshire terrier.

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