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How Have New Technologies Improved Games and Sports!

Latest innovations seem to affect almost every aspect of the society. If you do a comparison of things, folks used to have decades ago and the things you have now, it will surely leave you in awe because you cannot imagine your life without technology.

Now the question is how it has affected sports as these games are from old era and are played in the same way. However, sports have been also touched by the technology just like all other portions of our culture. How so? This article aims to tell you how!

How Have New Technologies Improved Games and Sports!

How Have New Technologies Improved Games and Sports!


Analysis of athletes’ performance during training has now become easier. Coaches now can closely monitor the performance of the team so that they can cover the loopholes and improve. Technology enables coaches to deliver a good quality feedback to the players so that they overcome all their weaknesses. In 1980, a video camera was used to test the performance. It was the most significant piece of technology back then. That was the time when sports performance analysis was revolutionized.


The ways spectators used to enjoy sports have also changed. They are now given unparalleled viewing of the sport they love. With the help of technology, you are not only able to see the performance but you can see the statistics and review professional analysis at the same time.

Regardless of in which corner of the world you are, you can have access to any sport or game. Whatever game you like, you can always join the global audience.

Rules and Legislations:

Before the advent of technology, people had to believe what referee decided on a particular situation in the game that was always questionable. Thanks to technology, there is nothing like that now.

Error-proof methods of taking measurements are now available. Therefore, there is no possibility of a wrong decision in any game. Games like horse racing are being benefited by technology a lot. Since lots of money is involved in the racing, technology is used to declare the winner. There’s no chance of cheating.

The piece of technology that was first used to determine the statistical data as Hawkeye. It measures the speed and route of the ball after the bounce. It was initially used in cricket but it is now used in other games as well.

Design of sports equipment:

Industries have made so much advancement. Now the equipment is produced in advanced ways that is a lot better than the old ways. Latest equipment has enhanced the athletes’ performance as well.

If we talk about basketballs here, they are now produced with better quality leather and in a good way. Good or bad basketball has a direct effect on the performance. Basketballs have now been categorized as indoor and outdoor and they both are different in their composition.

In old days, there was only one kind of basketball that was used both indoor and outdoor. The choices are limitless when you hit the market to get the right gear. It is again about good quality and bad quality. You can find the cheap ones too but do you want to compromise on your performance? Therefore, you would always want the best basketball whether it is indoor or outdoor.

The best way to pick is to go through what other people have to say about specific basketballs. is the place that can provide you thorough information on which indoor basket would suit you the best. Technology enables you to do a comparison on your computer before you go and make a purchase. This is how things have got easier for you.

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