How is Technology Leading to A Great Progress?

Where some people have the concept that technology is making lives grim owing to some cybercrime issues, others have a completely different viewpoint. It is true that cyber crime and bullying are all because of the advancement of technologies, but it has come up with great advantages as well. All thanks to the progress in the technology, the companies have become able to come up with a higher level of profit generation. There are several useful tools which help the enterprises in carrying out their major tasks.

How is Technology Leading to A Great Progress?

Not to mention, the regular life of a human being has become easier and convenient. Getting through the daily chores and tasks is now easy, and one gets able to get through them easily! Some of the best ways technology has made our lives easier are:

  • Health Perspective:

On the health perceptive, life has gotten simpler and convenient. People living in remote places do not have to deal with the problem of unavailability of the medicines and sanitary facilities. We all know that medicines are invaluable items for the general population and public. Its inevitability makes lives miserable. However, with the help of tele-medication, this problem has been solved, and people are now able to save lives. Communication and consultation amongst doctors no matter where they reside has become possible, and patients do not need to travel to far off places anymore!

  • Higher Sales:

With the help of sales funnels, companies can get to know about the demands and requirements of the customers. The web pages general public surfs is automatically saved and viewed by these enterprises. As a return, these companies bombard you with the similar products that lead to increasing the sales of these products. With the help of click Funnels Alternative, the profit margins of the companies increase manifolds making it possible for the companies to progress even more. Check funnel alternatives gets the commission of just forty percent, and the rest of the advantage is all of the company using its services.

  • Smart Search:

Just imagine you are in a place where no one knows you, and you don’t know anyone and end up being starved. You do not know any good place to eat around you and you are famished. With the help of smart search, you will be able to find the food places next to you, and that will let you have the best out of everything. All you require to do is to install the app and whenever required, search for the places you would like to go next to you. You would be able to see a plethora of options from which you can choose one and get what you want visiting that place.

  • Keep Your Library With You At All Times:

One of the most amazing things about technology is that it keeps your stuff sorted. With the help of the technology, you can have a library with you at all times. All you need to do is to have an iPad with you and download an app that will help you in saving all the required books. After downloading these books, you can take them wherever you would like to take them along.

  • Reversal of Paralyzed Cells:

When it comes to talking about medical advancements, the reversal of the paralyzed is considered to be the best thing so far. With the help of latest technologies, the restoration of the cells of the brains that cause paralyzes has been made possible.

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3 Splendid Ways to Make Money Online!

Bill Gates had once said, ‘if you born poor, it is not your fault, however, if you die poor, it is your fault”. The job market in today’s era is definitely tight. There are several graduates out there looking for a job, but unfortunately, there are no enough jobs for them. This creates many issues especially the ones who really look forward to earning major bucks for themselves. If you are one of them, do not worry as there are some ways through which you can earn instant money even if you do not have a job.

All you need to have for this is a laptop and an internet connection, and you would be able to earn money. Being active and responsive in this regard is necessary. Furthermore, you need to polish up your social skills so that you can talk to your potential clients easily and can fetch more and better jobs. Some of the easiest ways to earn money using the power of internet are:

3 Splendid Ways to Make Money Online!

  • Surveys are your Best Friend:

When you do not have a job to earn money that can help you go shopping or eat out, do not worry and search for some surveys on the internet. There are various surveys on the internet with the help of which you can not only earn money but at the same time can win some vouchers and coupons that will help you in shopping free of cost and eating without paying.

There are surveys that ask people to ask some simple questions, and in return, they are offered some money. People who are involves in research based studies usually come up with these survey. In the end, these surveys help both the researchers as well as the person who answers these questions!

  • Do Some Chores:

Now, this option is awkward as well as easy at the same time. When it comes to earning money through the internet, you can do that by completing some tasks for the people who have no time to do them themselves. There are people who have a nine to five job, and they need to reach their offices on time. They cannot take time out to complete the regular tasks that they have in their daily lives such as taking their pets out on the walk, cleaning their lawns, taking care of their garage and other such chores.

They publish these tasks on the internet and any person, in return for some money, can complete them. If you are interested, you can always do them and earn your pocket money. In what way you do these tasks is all up to you. In order to clean a messy lawn, you do not need to work hard as this can be done simply by finding the best leaf mulcher and using it for this task. No one would ever get to know how you did it. Selecting the right leaf mulcher is key to your success as well. Completing these chores fast and efficiently will make your customer happy and in turn help your potential reviews.

Here are some mulchers that you should consider.Black & Decker BV5600 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

Black & Decker BV5600 Blower/Vac/Mulcher

  • The 12 amp motor operates a 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher
  • 250 mph blower with 2 Speeds
  • Can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one single bag 

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

  • Superior blowing and mulchingToro 51621 UltraPlus Blower Vac
  • Powerful up to 250 mph 
  • Vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, cord storage hook, shred-all shred ring and time-saving oscillating tube includedVarying speed control for both blower and vac mode



If Chores aren’t your forte then maybe writing might work for you

  • Write Web Content and Articles:

If you have a love for writing, it can help you in earning much money. That can be done using the power of the internet. For that reason, all you require to do is to find some clients who have some constant work that needs to be uploaded on the internet regularly. Improve your sentence structure and vocabulary and start writing the web content for them. In return, you will be able to earn some money that you can use just the way you want to. Add value to your work so that this turns out to be your continuous source of income!

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How to Spot Fake Online Technology Product Reviews

When you are looking for a new piece of technology, you likely spend some time online reading product reviews left by customers. The problem is, not every review is created equal and some of simply fake. But how can you separate the fake customer reviews from the real ones? While there is no guarantee you’ll spot every questionable review during your research, there are some classic signs that can make the process easier.

So, before you take a review at its word, here are some warning signs that it might not be the real deal.

Marketing Jargon

Most real customer reviews will sound similar to how a person would speak, often sounding more like they are talking to a friend than reporting back to a larger audience. Additionally, it shouldn’t remind you of an infomercial when you read the information. If an online review is full of marketing jargon, then that is a sign that something might not be right.

How to Spot Fake Online Technology Product Reviews

Overusing the Entire Product Name

Going back to the idea that the review language should be natural, no real customer review will contain the full product name repeated over and over. In fact, they’ll often shorten the product name significantly, especially when it relates to pieces of technology with long model numbers instead of separate names.

Having the product name repeat is often a trick used to improve SEO, or the chance that the review will pop up in search engines when potential customers are doing research, and that just isn’t something that would concern a genuine customer while they write a review.

Aggressively Negative and Mentions Competitor Products

Even though bad experiences do happen, most people aren’t going to use language in a written review that resembles shouting. And, even if they do, they aren’t going to consider plugging a competitor product by talking about how much better it is than the one they supposedly purchased.

Often, that approach is designed to concern potential buyers about the quality of the first product and attempts to steer them to something else. In contrast, a regular negative review will stick to the product at hand and won’t necessarily seem like a rant.

Prior Skepticism

A real customer review isn’t likely to say they were highly skeptical of the product first but now that they’ve tried it, they love it. If a person was truly as skeptical as they say, it is unlikely they would have purchased the product in the first place, so it should always be considered a warning sign.

A Clump of Reviews

If a bunch of “customers” all write reviews within minutes of each other, and they all have the same star rating, it could be a sign of less than genuine reviews. In some cases, product sellers or manufacturers will pay people to write reviews, and they don’t always have them do it at different times. If a product has a handful of reviews that post almost at the same time, it is best to assume they might be fake.

Using Review Sites Instead

Many of the issues above aren’t relevant to sites run by a single group that dedicates itself to writing reviews. However, it is important to find reputable sources when selecting a source of information. While this site might provide excellent advice, another one might not, even if their design and format are similar. So take some time to compare multiple review sites before turning to one as your primary way to get the information you need.

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Choosing the Right Career

It is important for people to be happy and to enjoy what they do. Life is short and we deserve to live each day as if it is the last. That is why it is very important to make the right choice when choosing your career. You wouldn’t want to waste time that will never be recovered in a career that you don’t enjoy. One of the most important things is for you to go for something that you enjoy doing, although this might not always be a walk in the park getting it. Below are some of the things that you should take into consideration when looking for a job.

Choosing the Right Career

Know your requirements

You need to figure out the things that matter to you. Is it money that gives you the drive? Where would you like to work from, home or office? Would you like to become a manager, or the actual owner of the business?

It’s all about the people

While at work, we spend quite a considerable amount of time with coworkers. It is therefore very important to find people that one would enjoy working with. Go for people that inspire you to be your very best. Think of how they make you better and how you do the same to them.

Take your time

When you’ve decided that it’s time to make a transition, be patient. Attend many meetings and get to know people as you grow your network. Do your homework and find out what you want to do, then find the place that allows you to do that. It’s not about finding a new job right now, it’s about finding the right role, at the right time, with the right people.

Run to a job, never from it

There comes a point when you feel like your career has sort of stagnated and is not taking you anywhere. The best advice here is not to make a rush decision and ran away from the job. Instead, do your best to find a role that inspires and excites you. Running away should never be an option and that is why it’s important to find something that motivates you for the right reasons. This way, you’ll run towards the perfect role.

Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Career

Never be afraid to try something different. Try out new things as you grow your network and learn new skills. This could be the domino that will set you in the direction of your dream opportunity.

These are just some of the things that you should consider, although there are many more. Now we are going to look at the impressive career of Mark Dubowitz. He is the CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan policy institute, where he leads projects on Iran, sanctions, countering threat finance, and nonproliferation.

He is an expert on Iran’s global network including the regime’s nuclear, terrorist, missile and cyber threats to the United States and other allies. Mark is also one of the major influencers in creating sanctions policies to counter the threats emanating from Iran and others.

Jay Solomon of the Wall Street Journal featured Mark as one of the key “financial warriors” against Iran in his 2016 book “The Iran Wars.” Politico magazine also featured him as one of the leading experts in Washington when it came to policies challenging Iran’s bad behavior, terming him as “…constantly thinking up—and promoting—new ways to squeeze the regime…” H was also branded as “politicians’ brain trust on Iran sanctions … carving a niche in the charged debate on Iran with intensive research and sheer intellectual firepower.”

Mark has advised the last three presidential administrations, including Trump’s and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle on Iran issues and testified well over twenty times before universal legislatures.

Mark heads FDD’s Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance authored and co-authored over twenty studies on economic sanctions and Iran’s nuclear program. He is widely published and cited universally media. He lectures on sanctions and international negotiations at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, where he is a senior fellow. Mark has a master’s degree in international public policy from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, and law and MBA degrees from the University of Toronto.


They key to your future is in your hands, and you are the only one that can decide on what is best for you, career wise. Even if you already have a job and are not happy with it, don’t be quick to resign. Take your time to find ways of making it more exciting as you look for a better-suited job.

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Techno Gear That Makes Traveling Easier For Photographers

The amount of photography gear that you need for taking brilliant photographs probably came as a surprise to you when you first started out on photography.  Everyone always makes photography seem so easy because so many photographers travel to such remote destinations to get interesting photographs.  Take a look behind the scenes and you will soon realize that it is no picnic to haul all that photography gear and essentials along on international trips and travels.  In fact, it can be quite a nightmare to keep all of your gear together and especially to keep all of your expensive photography gear from getting damaged on the trip.  Luckily new findings and techno improvements is making it a lot easier for photographers to travel and is enabling photographers to travel a lot more comfortable.  Here is some modern high tech gear that you should definitely look out for before leaving on your next big trip.

Techno Gear That Makes Traveling Easier For Photographers

High quality camera backpack

A backpack can make a world of difference in your traveling ease which is why you definitely should check out these reviews on the best DSLR backpacks currently on the market.  These backpacks are specially designed for traveling photographers and contains photo and lens compartments, they are incredibly lightweight, most of them feature a tripod holder and some of these backpacks even enable you to carry along your laptop while protecting all of your gear from the rain thanks to weatherproofing or a rain cover.

Universal travel adapter

Different power sources are a huge problem when you are traveling abroad and you definitely don’t want to be stuck with a flat battery and no way to charge your equipment.  A Universal travel adapter will make electronic gear like your laptop and even camera worldwide compatible so you can enjoy great flexibility no matter where you go.

5-port USB charger

A 5-port USB charger makes charging your gear much easier since you can charge your phone, laptop, camera and whatever else you may need at exactly the same time without any hassles.

R150W power inverter

Another big problem with traveling abroad is dealing with different voltage levels.  You don’t want to fry your expensive camera or laptop when charging it. The modern power inverters are incredibly compact and can be used to charge just about any USB device instantly.

Memory cards and readers

Storing your data securely on travels can be tough especially when you don’t have the time to scan through all of your photographs to delete unwanted and unprofessional shots that just won’t do for your travel blog.  With a dual slot memory card reader you can access more than one memory card at once which will make it a lot easier for transferring data from one memory card to another so your camera memory card will have plenty of free space every time you leave your hotel room.

Digital luggage scale

A luggage scale can make it a lot easier for you if you are frequently traveling between countries and locations on your photography expeditions.  These scales are tiny enough to fit into your bag and can be used whenever you like to see if you are overweight after shopping new and exciting things abroad.

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New Features in Baby Car Seats Enabled By Technology

Technology has definitely made its impact in every aspect of our life, and baby car seats are no stranger to technological developments and advancements. Technology has enabled the addition of extensive features to baby car seats that couldn’t have been imagined a few years ago. Let’s take a look at all the changes that have occurred and how modern baby car seats have replaced traditional car seats and what features parents need to consider while purchasing one.

New Features in Baby Car Seats Enabled By Technology

Convertible position: Convertible car seats can change from rear facing to forward facing; many of them can also be converted into booster seats or toddler seats. The convertible positions are intended to protect your baby during every one of his stages, from outset through his early years. By having the capacity to change the position and outline of a car seat, parents wipe out the need to purchase extra car seats in the future.

Extensive height and weight limits: Since modern car seats are intended for youngsters to use from earliest stages to early adolescence, the stature and weight points of confinement are considerably more extensive than with a conventional car seat. Frequently, parents need to purchase another car seat in light of the fact that their baby has outgrown his. This isn’t an issue with modern car seats, and they commonly don’t have a base stature or weight standard either.

Five-point harness: The five-point harness is the most secure framework for infants, and most modern car seats have this sort of harness. Although other newborn child car seats will commonly have a five-point harness to keep your little one safe, not all baby car seats do. Having one car seat with a sheltered harness helps you guard your child amid every one of his phases of babyhood.

Here are a few more features and tips to consider while purchasing a car seat for your baby in this modern era:

  • A new car seat is a better option. This is one baby item that you need to pick deliberately. Check out Graco vs Britax Car Seats guide to choose between the two best brands for your infant. Make sure that you make the decision considering all features as listed in the comparison guide.
  • Purchase a car seat that fits directly into your stroller. It will save you significant travel time.
  • On the off chance that you pick a hand-me-down car seat, check it very carefully to ensure it hasn’t been recalled and it doesn’t have any cracks or broken parts. Never utilize a car seat that has been a part of a car accident.
  • Start with a rear facing seat, and remain with it until your child is no less than 2 years of age, or until he or she is greater than the seat’s suggested stature and weight.
  • Search for a 5-point security outfit which will help keep your child cozy.
  • Make a point to modify the trunk clasp to the level of your child’s armpit.

Each car seat has an expiry date. This is generally 6 years from the date it was manufactured. On the off chance that you can’t find the expiry date, call the producer.

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The Latest Ways You Can Make Money Online

If you would check all of the articles about making money online, you will find so many articles that it can already be confusing. Reading too many articles will only make you sign up for seminars you may not actually need. At times, you may even purchase some products for ridiculous amounts of money. You will only end up spending more and earning less than you should.

The fake news and articles out there can make earning money harder than it should be. Some people even think that the things that are being done online are just scams and people would not get any money out of it at all. What you should know now is this: there are a lot of things you can do to make money online.

The Latest Ways You Can Make Money Online

One of the things that you can do is to play at This online casino is very easy to play in. Whether you would like to play some of the usual games like Blackjack or Slots or you would like to try the Sportsbook, it will still be up to you to decide what you are going to do. You also do not need to download this casino anymore just to play. You can play whenever you are online, relax and unwind after a long day. If you play your cards right, you can get instant money for sure.

Here are still some of the other things to do so you can start making money online:

  1. Answer Online Surveys

Take note that this is not applicable in all countries. There are some countries that may get more offers than others. You also have to choose the right online survey site. There are different ones available. Some are legitimate and some are not. Choose legitimate ones and answer away. This is easy but you have to do a lot to start making money.

  1. Search the Web

There are some companies now that will pay you for searching the web. This is something that you normally do online so it will not take too much effort for you to do this.  You will be required to install this on your web browser so that it can monitor the things that you search and get paid in the process.

  1. Join Online Competitions

What do you think are the things that you are good at? If there are some things that you can do online that you are talented in doing, you will not have any problems with joining some online competitions. Every time you win, you will get rewards and of course, the rewards can be your extra money.

  1. Become a Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper, you get to check out what the store can offer and get paid doing something that you probably love. The main goal here is to make sure that you are not obvious. As long as you are able to do this properly, you can expect to get paid well.

There are still other legitimate ways you can make money online. Always scrutinize the different ways to make money as this will be useful for you.

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Ways to Earn Money from Tech Companies

Tech companies like cellular companies are some of the most profitable businesses there is.  Just about every person alive owns a phone and has a need to make calls which adds to the income of these businesses.  And the same goes for tech companies such as internet providers, programmers and more.  Because these businesses are growing so rapidly and expanding so widely they are frequently creating new job opportunities to handle heavy workloads better and provide better customer service and they are frequently transforming the way they operate.  Today you can actually earn a good income from tech companies even though you aren’t directly employed by the company and here is how to do just that;


Rent our property for towers

Cell companies, internet providers and radio broadcasters are frequently expanding their services and upgrading their broadcasting equipment that in return boosts signals in areas and thus improves their service.  These companies only need a small space of land for the broadcasting or cell towers and buying such a small piece of land from landowners is nearly impossible because the property has to be legally divided which is a time consuming and incredibly expensive procedure.  These tech companies overcome this obstacle by renting property from landlords on which they construct their towers.  If you have property with enough free space for a tower then you can definitely consider leasing out your property so you can earn a steady income from the tech company.  Tower Leases is a fantastic company that assists with cell tower lease agreements as well as negotiations, consulting and investigations on ongoing contracts.  With the help of one of their experts you can be ultimately safe when leasing your property to a tech company and you can earn the maximum amount possible for the area.


Become a telemarketer

A lot of tech companies will employ telemarketers to promote and sell their products.  Telemarketers are usually employed on freelance basis and they receive commission on sales.  If you are great with people and can persuade anyone to buy a product then this can be a good way to earn from a tech company.


Become an agent

Tech companies are frequently looking for agents to work on commission basis to sell packages, tech devices and more.  You can look for agent opportunities at cell companies, telephone companies, internet providers and much more which could earn you a good part time income.


Become a virtual marketer

Social media marketing is one of the most important marketing tools there is.  If you are great at online marketing and have good graphic design skills then you can apply for a marketing position at a tech company and handle all of their social media profiles and blogs for them.  It could be great if you could become a permanent virtual assistant that only handles the marketing division of different tech companies.  The job is fun, you can do it from anywhere in the world and you get to spend a lot of time online which is great for learning new things frequently.

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The Best Tech Gear for Adventure Lovers

Life is much more of an adventure when you have the right technology.  With the right devices you can do more, explore further depths of unknown areas, enjoy a much wider variety of activities in the same area and get the most out of each and every journey on which you embark.  Technology also keeps you much safer while you are enjoying these adventures and gives you a way to actually enjoy adventures instead of feeling strained by these adventures.  So what is the top adventure technology gear that you should look out for this year?  Well, check out this list and find out.

Inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are incredibly popular right now because, well, their inflatable of course. These modern high tech kayaks deflate and folds up into a tiny bag that you can easily transport or store away.  The modern kayaks are glorious! You can shop a kayak for diverse adventures or choose a kayak for something more specific.  There are so many different styles, types and brands to choose from and with one of these kayaks you can have a much better adventure since you can enjoy paddling, fishing, and river rafting, tanning, competing and even working out on a kayak.  But with all the grand brands and types that are available to you, it might be hard to determine which ones are suitable for your needs. Luckily help is available for choosing the right kayak.  See here to get access to the best advice on how to choose your kayak and to see reviews on all the latest and best kayaks.

The Best Tech Gear for Adventure Lovers

The Best Tech Gear for Adventure Lovers

Tech clothing for adventurers

The right type of clothing can mean a lot for your adventures.  A lot of technology and research goes into manufacturing modern adventure outfits so you can enjoy the best protection from nature’s elements, great flexibility and incredible comfort while having an amazing time.   If you are shopping for some adventure clothing then you can definitely do a bit of reading up on modern adventure gear such as adventure jackets and pants that will regulate your body temperature, protect you on your adventures, keep you dry and dry off quickly should you get soaked.

Tech phone for rough adventure lovers

Adventure lovers know the hassles of trying to keep a phone safe while traveling.  If you are a frequent adventurist then the adventure tech caterpillar smartphone is probably the best investment that you can make because they are waterproof, shock proof and ultimately durable yet still high quality.

Tech watch

Why get an average watch when you can have one that has it all? GPS watches are surprisingly functional and surprisingly durable which makes them a must for your tech adventure gear list.  With these watches you can tell time, navigate, and keep track of your travelling distances and much more.  The watches are incredibly easy to use and always close by since it is attached to your wrist.


A drone is the perfect addition for bloggers because they can record all of their adventures in action and create fantastic promotional material for advertising gear, tours and much more.

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Transforming the Future

We have come a long way with computers, from the days that they costed a mountain and consisted of a bulky machine to where we are now with handheld devices and laptops. There were times when computers consisted of monitors, keyboards and hard drives, and then there came laptops. After the laptops came the smart devices, first the smartphone, followed by the tablets. The small gadgets come packed so much power within them, if someone from the past life was to come back, they would think it was all a dream. It is not stopping there, though, because the future is now headed for virtual reality gadgets. You can read more about that in PC World because right now we would like to focus more on laptops.

Laptops still have more powerful processors and more storage than handheld smart devices and it is always advisable to have one handy to do the work that a smart device cannot do. Below we are going to review a number of laptops from Samsung. Samsung are not only leaders in the manufacture of home electronics and mobile phones and tablets, they also manufacture some of the best laptops in the market. The reviews below will make it easier for you to choose the laptop that will best suit your needs since it can get a little tricky with all the models available. These are high end machines that can be used for anything from gaming to creating software.

Transforming the Future

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Blade NP900X5L-K02US 15-inch

Samsung’s Notebook 9 15” brings together a sleek, compact chassis with maximum screen space, making it impressive to use and easy to use on the go.  The bright screen, long battery life, and convenient features enhance your notebook experience.


  • Intel Core i7-6500u
  • Intel HD 520
  • 256GB SSD
  • 6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels (IPS)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 7 hours, battery life
  • 8 lbs

Combining a sleek, lightweight design with powerful processing, the Samsung Notebook 9 delivers fast multitasking capabilities and immersive multimedia entertainment. This ultraportable notebook weighs less than 2.9 pounds and features a streamlined design with a micro-thin bezel to maximize the immersive 15 inch full HD screen. Powered by the ultrafast Intel Core i7 processor and an internal solid state drive, the Samsung Notebook 9 offers fast load times, crisp graphics, and an exceptional battery life of up to 12 hours per charge. The Notebook 9 comes with the Windows 10 operating system and SideSync software, which allows you to seamlessly connect to your other Samsung devices.

Thin, Lightweight Design Ensures Portability

The Samsung Notebook 9 weighs less than 2.9 pounds thanks to a lightweight yet durable aluminum and magnesium alloy construction. When closed, this notebook measures only 0.57 inches thick, so you can easily slip it into a bag and take it with you anywhere you go. The sleek design features a bezel to maximize screen size for an immersive entertainment experience. The screen also reclines 180 degrees, making it easy to share your screen with those around you.

Vibrant Full HD Display for an Immersive Experience

The Notebook 9 is great for watching movies, playing online games, or simply browsing the web. It features a spacious 15-inch Full HD (1920×1080) LED screen that delivers exceptional picture quality and wide viewing angles. Plus, a low-reflective feature delivers crisp and bright images whether you’re using your Notebook 9 indoors or outside in the sun.

Powerful Performance and Multitasking Capability

A sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processor makes this notebook ideal for both intensive work at the office and multimedia at home. The i7 processor delivers improved graphics, battery life, and security, as well as powerful multitasking capabilities that seamlessly handle multiple demanding computing tasks. An internal solid state drive allows you to boot up, download files, and perform other everyday computer tasks more quickly than with a typical hard disk drive (HDD). And unlike HDDs, SSDs contain no moving parts, resulting in increased protection from shocks and vibrations.

Long-Lasting Battery and Fast Charging Technology

With a long battery life of up to 12 hours per charge, the Samsung Notebook 9 lets you work all day without having to worry about being tethered to an electrical outlet. The Notebook 9 also offers Fast Charging technology that allows the battery to recharge in as little as 90 minutes.

Share Files between Your Computer and Smartphone

This notebook comes with Samsung SideSync** software that helps you sync files with your smartphone via Wi-Fi and allows you to copy files from the phone to the computer, and vice versa. You can also mirror your phone’s screen on your computer when using the phone’s functions. You can also answer calls, respond to texts, and get phone notifications in real time right on your laptop screen.

Preinstalled with Windows 10

The Samsung Notebook 9 is ready to use right out of the box with the preinstalled Windows 10 operating system. Offering intuitive and engaging navigation and displays, Windows 10 lets you create virtual desktops to help you save space and keep your work projects and personal apps separate.

Comfortable Ergonomic Keyboard

The Notebook 9 features ergonomically designed keys with gently curved caps that cushion your fingertips while typing for better comfort and productivity. Additionally, a glass-coated touchpad enables precise navigation.

Security Features Keep Your Data Safe

For added peace of mind, multiple security features on the Samsung Notebook 9 keep your data safe. You can ensure your login is secure by customizing it with your signature or a unique pattern. Thanks to a privacy shade, you can also keep your screen concealed from wandering eyes while using your Notebook 9 in public.


  • Strong performance
  • Vibrant display
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Great touchpad


  • Color reproduction not very accurate
  • Keyboard a bit shallow


This is a good computer with a large screen that is good for both work and play.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Pro NP940Z5L-X01US 15.6-inch

The notebook 9 Pro is Samsung’s powerful performance laptop with Intel’s Core i7 CPU, 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and 4K UHD touch screen display with real-time HDR technology.


  • Intel Core i7 2.6GHz
  • Nvidia GTX 950M 2GB Dedicated
  • 256GB SSD
  • 6 inch, 3840 x 2160 pixels (IPS)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 6 hours, battery life
  • 45 lbs

The ATIV Book 9 Pro NP940Z5L-X01US is Samsung’s answer to the MacBook Pro. It comes loaded with powerful specs, an Ultra HD 15.6- inch touch screen and a discrete GPU. It has an aluminum unibody that tends to make it very rigid, and it also comes packed high end parts Quad-Core i7-6700HQ processor which is super-fast, and the NVIDIA GTX 950M GPU with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM. It’s equipped with 8GB of DDR3 RAM that allows moderate multitasking requirements and a fast 256GB SSD, which just might not be enough for your storage needs. It comes with a 4K screen with vivid colors and with good visibility even outdoors. The only thing that brings down this computer is the poor 6-hour battery life.


  • Good performance
  • Bright and vibrant 4K display
  • Great quad-speaker setup
  • Sleek, professional design
  • Rigid aluminum frame
  • Touchpad that rivals even the MacBook Pro’s


  • Poor battery life
  • Expensive
  • Discrete graphics could be better


Save for the poor battery life, this is a good all-rounder.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus NP940X3G-K05US 13.3-inch

Outstanding mobility, power, and style are yours with the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus, but no feature stands out more than its 13.3-inch Quad HD+ screen. With a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels, it squeezes 275 pixels per inch into its super bright display to make it 75% brighter than standard laptop screens. The ATIV Book 9 Plus is incredibly easy to take wherever you go, from the bus to the boardroom and everywhere in between, thanks to a razor-thin, half-inch profile and barely there weight just over three pounds. A fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 256GB solid state drive deliver maximum power and reliability when you need it most. And 7.5 hours of battery life let you travel far and wide while staying productive and entertained. The touchpad is smooth and very responsive, and the speakers are loud and crisp.


  • Intel 1.7 GHz 4th Generation Intel i7-4500U
  • Intel HD 4400 Shared
  • 256GB SSD
  • 3 inch, 3200 x 1800 pixels (IPS)
  • Windows 8.1
  • 5 hours battery life
  • 3 lbs


  • Elegant design
  • Powerful speakers
  • Great keyboard
  • Gorgeous QHD+ touchscreen


  • 4th gen processor a bit slower than faster models
  • Average Webcam
  • Few Connectivity Ports


This is an ultraportable laptop with a great screen and an even better battery life, suitable for business travelers.

Samsung Notebook 9 Spin NP940X3L-K01US 13.3 inch

This is an excellent laptop that can quickly and easily convert the Notebook 9 Spin from powerful laptop to portable tablet for ease of use on the go or tent mode for collaborating with others. All thanks to its 360º rotating dual-hinge display. The stunning QHD+ high resolution touch screen allows you to view and display ultra-detailed graphics with an enhanced color gamut, while its anti-glare coating performs both indoors and out. The real time HDR feature automatically adjusts brightness and contrast in real-time, delivering stunning detail and clarity to whatever you are watching – no matter what the lighting conditions have in store for you.


  • AC Adapter
  • HDMI
  • USB 3.0
  • Headphone
  • Volume
  • Power Button
  • MicroSD™ Slot
  • USB 3.0


  • Intel Core i7 2.5GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 520 Shared
  • 256GB SSD
  • 3 inch, 3200 x 1800 pixels (IPS)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 5 hours, battery life
  • 87 lbs


  • Gorgeous QHD+ display
  • Excellent touchpad
  • Portable design
  • Great outdoor visibility


  • Subpar battery life


This is an excellent 2 in 1 laptop cum tablet that is lightweight and very compact.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Ultra NP930X2K-K01US 12.2 inch

At first look, it cuts a slim and subtle profile. Silver trim outlines its fingerprint-resistant Imperial Black finish, while the full-aluminum chassis gives the laptop a solid feel. It 0.46 inches thick, weighing 2.09 pounds and making it light and very portable. The WQXGA panel comes with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution bringing about quality pictures. The viewing angles of the laptop are also very impressive in addition to the brightness control features such as outdoor use that adds light when you’re outdoors, and Secret Screen mode which lowers brightness for increased privacy when you’re in a crowded space. The 900MHz Intel Core M processor, 8GB RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 5300 GPU in the machine are more than sufficient for most professionals but will sweat when it comes to many modern 3D games. The battery life is very poor at 6.2 hours as compared to other ultrabooks in the same class doing up to 9 hours.


  • Intel Core M-5Y31 0.9GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 5300 shared
  • 256GB SSD
  • 1 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixels (IPS)
  • Windows 8.1
  • 25 hours, battery life
  • 09 lbs


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great display
  • Good sound output


  • Modest performance
  • Non-backlit keyboard
  • Non-touch screen


This is for those that are just after a good-looking machine but it does not feel like value for money.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Blade NP930X2K-K04US 12.2-inch

This super-slim and lightweight ultraportable machine is direct competition with Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, all the features are the same except the operating systems. The Ativ Book 9 Blade comes in an attractive aluminum design that also gives it a rigid feel. It’s a dual-core Intel Core M-5Y31 that clocks 0.9GHZ during less intensive tasks, but boosts itself to 2.4GHZ heavier tasks. It comes with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. The 12.2-inch WQXGA renders beautiful videos and images with high color accuracy, and rated at a whopping 700nit; it offers excellent outdoor visibility. The graphics department is run by the integrated Intel HD 5300. It is not good for heavy gaming.

It comes with a comfortable keyboard even though the touchpad is a little unresponsive. The downside is the 6-hour battery life as compared to its Apple rival that does 11 hours on a single charge.


  • Intel Core M-5Y31 0.9GHz
  • Intel HD Graphics 5300 shared
  • 256GB SSD
  • 1 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixels (IPS)
  • Windows 10 Home
  • 25 hours battery life
  • 09 lbs


  • Extremely thin and light
  • Many ports for a slim 12-inch laptop
  • Excellent outdoor visibility
  • Beautiful display


  • Poor battery life
  • Low performance/price ratio
  • Windows 10 Home


This is a great ultrabook but you might want to always carry your charger along.

Samsung NP900X3K-S02US ATIV 13.3-inch

The Samsung ATIV Book 9 is so easy to carry and so unique, you won’t want to be without it. It’s uniformly flat and is only 0.51 inch (13.2 mm) thick. Its super-slim components, fan and memory, are tailor-made just for the ATIV Book 9. A full metal body enables them to be seamlessly and precisely built into the frame. Its sleek, 100% aluminum body has been sand-blasted to achieve an elegant matte finish.


  • Intel Core i5-5200U
  • Intel HD Graphics 5500 Shared
  • 128GB HDD
  • 3 inch, 3200 x 1800 pixels
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • 11 hours, battery life
  • 1 lbs


  • Excellent design
  • Impressive portability
  • Ultra-HD display
  • Excellent Battery life


  • Limited ports
  • Low SSD capacity
  • Lacks a touchscreen


The Samsung NP900X3K-S02US ATIV gives solid overall performance in a design that looks and feels as premium as its price tag. However, with the low capacity SSD and lack of a touchscreen, its value for money is a tough sell.

Well, those are some of the best Samsung laptops that you can find on the market and all that you have to do is to check their specs and see if they fit what you would like to use them for.

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