The Technological Evolution of Photography

Cameras have been around a long time. When you start to investigate the technological evolution of photography you will be surprised by the rapidity in development and the extremity of the processes that led to modern day methodologies.

As a camera and photography lover you have probably perused sites to determine the best online photography classes. However, you probably haven’t invested nearly as much time learning from whence your passion came. That’s why it’s important to do a little bit of a history lesson here.

The Technological Evolution of Photography

Photographic History

FW Herschel is credited with the first use of the word photography. However, the first pinhole camera was constructed during the Middle Ages by a man named, Alhazen. But, Aristotle is the one given acknowledgement for having been able to explain the laws that made the camera work.

1827 marks the date that the first photograph was created. A camera obscura was utilized in the making of the print which was unique because prior employ of the camera was focused on drawing and viewing activities. Joseph Nicephore Niepce discovered a method that allowed the sun to “draw” the image and he called them heliographs. Unfortunately, it took eight hours for the image to appear but then it would soon fade away. Learn all about heliographs here.

This is why Daguerre is credited with being the first one to develop a practical method of creating print photos that did not disappear. But he wasn’t selfish. Instead, he and Niepce united and worked hard to create an improved process. However, it wasn’t until after Niepce’s death that the daguerreotype was established. Silver plated copper received the fixed image. Iodine and silver chloride aided in the procedure. Additional information on daguerreotype’s can be found by clicking this.

While the daguerreotype proved quite popular around the world, Henry Fox Talbot, bested it with his calotype. This method employed paper negatives that allowed for the possibility of multiple prints. Shortly thereafter, tintypes joined the photographic scene, and then the wet-plate negative followed. And by 1879, photographers no longer needed portable darkrooms as the advent of the dry-plate negative allowed the pictures longevity they’d never before seen.

When 1889 rolled around, new developments had been achieved. George Eastman created the first film that came in a roll. This enabled the mass-production of a portable boxed form camera a reality. And by the 1940s color photography entered the scene.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today’s camera and you find no film at all, pictures are digitally inscribed on memory cards and printed out at will via online ordering or other computer methodologies. Which leaves us wondering which cameras are the best ones to purchase when we consider becoming more actively involved in the world of photography. Here are some suggestions:

  • Compact Point and Shoot– These cameras are easy to use and relatively small. They make a great choice for novice and beginning photographers.
  • SuperZoom Camera– There are two varieties of these cameras: standard and compact. These cameras are best suited when your goal is to get up close and personal with the images you are trying to capture.
  • Premium Compacts– These are uber-expensive pocket sized cameras. Ranging in price from nearly $500 to over $2000, this camera type is only for those who have the money to toss around.

To learn more about these cameras please continue reading here.

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Technology Makes Getting Reviews Easier

Prior to the advent of the internet and online review sites, it was hard to determine which dog food was best, or which refrigerator had the longest life. In fact, we had no idea which dishwashers, tablets, cell phones or tennis shoes to buy because there wasn’t a way to research what other people thought about the products we were interested in. Now, we can hop online, do a quick search and find a plethora of write ups about which brands, designs and products are the highest ranking.

These technological advancements have opened the doors to learn all we could ever dream about goose down comforters. All we have to do is read reviews here. The same can be said about cat foods and tablet PCs. We can determine whether or not we need Frisky Cat or IAMs based on other people’s opinions. We’ll know if HP is better than Apple in a matter of minutes rather than having to determine those things via the old ways: trial and error.

Technology Makes Getting Reviews Easier

How to Determine Which Review Sites are Legitimate

Since we’re so thrilled about the ease in which we access reviews it might be a good idea to review the review sites. Which ones are the most trusted?

Obviously, there are some that utilize review-trickery. They employ writers to write bogus reviews of products for the sake of boosting sales. That’s also the joy of these advancements in technology. You can learn more about that here.

So, which sites can you depend on? Here are some ways to determine if a review site is legitimate:

  • Disregard the Extreme– Over the top reviews usually have some hidden agenda. If there’s exceptionally positive or negative commentary you might want to ignore that opinion. Most people have both positives and negatives to say about their experiences.
  • Similar Wording– When you see that reviews are written in a comparable way, chances are, the same person is writing them. The other issue is that many of the reviews may just be cut and pasted with slight alterations to fit individual products. This is a sneaky and annoying trick. Avoid it.
  • Read Multiples– While you really want to be able to trust just one site’s reviews, you’re better off reading the reviews on different websites to get an accurate picture of the product or service you’re investigating.
  • Investigate the Reviewer– Seriously, you should read multiple reviews by that individual. You can even check out his/her Google and Facebook status’ before you decide to put any weight to what he/she has to say about something. Don’t go blindly into this good night.

Some Noteworthy Review Sites

While you are trying to determine how to trust review sites, we’d like to provide you with a couple of options that we use whenever we want a review on technology or other products:

  • c|net- c|net bridges the online review gap. You can get reviews on just about anything from their site. You can learn more about them by clicking this.
  • PC Mag- This is our other go to when it comes to our tablets and computer needs. The fact that it’s a magazine gives it a little more credibility in our minds. Read more.
  • Consumer Reports- these site tops our list for product reviews because it’s an online source as well as a print one. You can check it out here.

With these three options you should be able to compare and contrast reviews until you are certain you know which product or technological gadget is best for you.

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Technology and Reading on the Go: Why E-Readers and Reading Apps Rock

The advances in mobile technology have increased our access to a wide variety of written works while also making it easier to read on the go.  With that comes a unique opportunity to facilitate a love of reading in the most technically adept, while also providing a functional mechanism for the book lover in your life whose collection seems ever-expanding.  Not only that, the integration of technology can help encourage you readers to be excited about spending their time reading from their favorite devices.

Whether you follow the works of a specific author, like Karen Salmansohn or Stephen King, focus on non-fiction, or go to the best seller list first, here are some ways to make the most of e-reader technology and reading apps.

Technology and Reading on the Go: Why E-Readers and Reading Apps Rock

A Library in Your Pocket

One of the biggest advantages of e-readers, and reading apps, is that it provides you with access to a world of written materials in a device that you can carry in one hand.  This can be particularly advantageous to someone who tends to appreciate more obscure writings, or at least those that are harder to find in your standard book section of a big box store.

Not only is it highly portable, it allows you to carry multiple texts without having to carry a separate bag just for books.  This can be great for the person who likes to jump between multiple works depending on their mood, and can make carrying research materials a breeze.

Integrated Dictionaries

Many e-readers and reading apps feature built-in dictionaries.  While this feature is can be great for anyone, it can be especially helpful for children who are advancing their reading skills.  Instead of having the guess a words meaning, or go to a separate dictionary, a simple click of a word can get them the precise definition.  This allows for a more advanced understanding of the work in a shorter period of time, and makes learning more natural and intuitive.

Automatic Discretion

Regardless of your preferred genre, you can read without prying eyes being any the wiser.  E-readers and reading apps do not display a book cover like a regular book, allowing you to investigate any topic, fiction or not, without having to provide an explanation to nearby onlookers.

Saving Space

If you find your home is lacking the storage necessary for a large library, an e-book or reading app eliminates that issue.  Instead of having to maintain space for a physical copy of every work, you can store everything electronically.  Often, you don’t even have to store them in your mobile device, as cloud-based access is a common feature.  Best of all, cloud-based reading can allow you to stop reading from one device, and pick up right where you left off on another.

Adjustable Text Size

E-readers can offer the added benefit of adjustable text size, providing an excellent solution for those who may find their vision to be less sharp than it once was.  While the text size does not necessarily eliminate the need for professional vision correction options like glasses or contacts, it can provide relief for those who tend to strain when looking at smaller text or just prefer a larger form factor.  The feature may also be available for computer- or tablet-based reading apps, but may not be as effective for smartphone-based options.

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Why Intelius Is the Best Technology to Trust for Stranger Safety

It can be tough to live life to the fullest when there are so many dangerous people out there.  You never know who to trust when you are meeting new people.  There are plenty of scammers and even dangerous individuals out there that will do and say just about anything to get what they want from you.  If you want to stay a free, safe and happy person then it is time to invest in Intelius technology so you can continue exploring the world and making new friends and make the most out of your short life without putting yourself at risk.

Why Intelius Is the Best Technology to Trust for Stranger Safety

What is intelius?

Intelius is a background check service that allows you to search information on anyone at any time.  When you use Intelius you can find out if a stranger is in fact who and what he or she says he or she is so you will know if you can trust them.  You can check out the Intelius review to find out more about their services and benefits.

What info do you get when you use Intelius?

When you use Intelius you can get just about any info on anyone.  You can obtain full names, surnames, ages, addresses, contact details, relatives and social media pages.  You can also do a full employment background check, check their social security number, criminal history, courtroom history, marital status and even see if they are on the national sex offender registry check.

Why intelius is genius for companies

Intelius is perfect for companies because they can check work candidates and ensure that they do not have a criminal record against them or any other criminal charge against them. This is perfect for hiring only the best for your company.  You can also check out all of your candidate’s social media pages and find out what type of person they are socially to see if they suit your company profile. Their employment history is also a terrific way to find out if they are reliable in their work.

Why intelius is genius for families

You should never just trust someone into your home.  Intelius gives you instant information on any company, individual, new friend or new neighbor so you and your children can be completely safe when you get someone for a home upgrade or home repair or when you are trying to make new family friends.  The fact that Intellius gives you information on all of the sex offenders is especially useful for the parents of young children.

Why intelius is genius for young people

When you are young you still have to find your way in life which means you have to constantly trust new people, new employers, new co-workers and you have to make new friends and try to find new love in a crazy and dangerous world.  Intellius is perfect for young people because you can scout anyone who crosses your path so you can find the best job, make sure that your co-workers are trustworthy and ensure that new friends aren’t dangerous.  Intellius is also perfect for finding love because you can make sure that the new boyfriend or girlfriend does not have a problem with authorities, a criminal record against them and is not married.

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Top Techno Devices That Every Home Should Have

Technology is making home life more and more comfortable with each passing year.  Today you can enjoy so much more from the comfort of your home than in the old days.  You no longer need to drive to the movies to enjoy some quality time with friends.  You no longer have to visit a gaming arcade to have a blast and you no longer have to spend hours on cleaning and scrubbing.  Technology took over so much of the hard work for us and is enabling people to enjoy life so much more.   Here are some of the top techno devices that you should get the next time you are planning on an upgrade.

A Flex water softener

A water softener is terrific for your home because you and your family are much healthier when drinking soft water and you can save a lot of money since everyone can actually drink tap water and since your home appliances will last a lot longer.  Water softeners also makes home life a lot cleaner and easier since softer water prevents stains on your appliances, chrome devices and tubs so you can spend more time on relaxing and less time on cleaning.  Flex water softeners are some of the best water softeners for your home since these softeners operates through smart technology.  The smart technology consists of a microprocessor which controls the filtering process on your behalf so you can enjoy softer water in your home completely hassle free.

Top Techno Devices That Every Home Should Have

Modern thermostat

Modern thermostats can automatically regulate your home’s temperature on your behalf and you can even control the temperature settings remotely through a smartphone.  When you connect to the smartphone you can switch your home heating systems on, off or adjust the temperatures according to your desires.  These smart thermostats save you a lot of money by regulating your home’s temperature better.

Alarm systems

Modern life is quite dangerous.  In today’s life no one is safe even in their own beds.  A good quality alarm system is a must for home security since it is the only devices that will keep your family safe against robberies.  It is best to get an alarm system through a security company since most neighbors don’t respond to alarms anymore.  The security company will check your home for you when you are out, send security guards to patrol your home should an alarm sound and they will offer assistance in case of emergencies.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners can save you a lot of time since these handy little devices can be programmed to suck up dust and dirt off the floor all day or all night long.  Modern hoover vacuums can be programmed with the layout of your home so they won’t get stuck behind furniture or doors and so they can clean your home effectively without any needed supervision.

Technological devices may seem expensive at first but the service and comfort they provide is often something that is priceless value.  It is much better to get your home upgraded rather than waste endless hours on something that you simply don’t have to do.  When you have the right technology in your home you can spend time on family and relaxation.

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Latest Technology in Pest Control

Pests are the truth of life and they exist in every form; whether it is in the form of termites, mice, or even your next door neighbor that just won’t shut up, there’s always a solution to every problem. All jokes aside, pests (we mean insects and not annoying humans) need to be controlled, as failing to do so can seriously wreak havoc in your life and health. That said, sometimes the means to control them can be more harmful than the pests themselves, which is why many people are dubious about insecticides, for instance. However, with the latest inventions in pest control, one won’t need to worry about their health any longer.

Latest Technology in Pest Control


No lasers aren’t just the thing of the future anymore, and neither is it something that only surgeons and other professionals possess. Even ordinary people can now possess lasers, that too, the deadly kind, but not to kill people; to control pests.

When we talk about lasers, we’re not talking about using laser guns. Unfortunately it isn’t as exciting as that. However, we are talking about building an anti-mosquito fortress around your house using lasers, which isn’t as half as bad, considering its advantages and how it protects you from blood-sucking mosquitoes, that is. These fences are called photonic fences, which operates by optically identifying the insects first, then optically evaluating them, and finally shooting a high power laser at them, once again, optically.

If that seems like too much of a hassle to go through just to kill mosquitoes, then think about all the diseases that you’ll be saving yourself from, all of which are transmitted through mosquitoes. Malaria, for instance, has caused the death of over a million people each year. Getting a photonic fence will not only protect you from insect borne diseases, but it is also safe, meaning that it will only kill mosquitoes and not cause any harm to any bystander.

Carnivorous furniture

This may sound insane, but these actually exist. These innocent looking death machines are actually mouse traps designed to lure the creature through its hollow leg and decapitate it, after which, its remains are used to create energy for the table to continue operating. The creators of these furniture, which are currently limited to a few household items such as tables, wall clocks, and lamps, were inspired by the Venus flytrap and its ability to be self-sustainable.

And so, instead of having to use batteries or electricity to power these carnivorous furniture, the machines operate by using the energy produced by their prey. The table operates as a mouse guillotine, while the wall clocks are fly traps. With household items like these, there is no escape for those pesky pests.

That said, if you would still prefer the old fashioned way of pest control instead of using fancy lasers and furniture, then read more here. However, if you would like to know more about other insane pest control ideas and the latest technologies available, then click on

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Stay More Protected During Hurricanes with Advanced Technology

When the weather outside is harsh, one likes to stay inside and enjoy the cozy comfort of the house. Nevertheless, great problems might arise when there are turbulent winds outside. The loud banging of the powerful wind against the glass windows can make anyone restless. Even before the desperate times arrive you should see to it that nothing can disturb your safe haven and disrupt your daily life.

However, due to the rapid climate change, the hurricane winds are getting stronger and the torrents of rain are getting more intense. Of course good quality zoeller submersible pumps will make sure that your basement stays dry, rain or shine. But what about the part that’s above the ground? The recent advancement of technology has taken all the old measures of protection and fortified them.

Stay More Protected During Hurricanes with Advanced Technology

Impact Resistant Glass

Impact glass consists of 2-3 panes that has a thickness of 7/16 inch, the thickness varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In between these panes is an inner layer made of polyvinyl butaryl bound by an aluminum frame. Now here’s why the impact glass is effective during a violent hurricane. During a hurricane if the impact window is hit by a stray debris, it will not break into smithereens. Though cracks would develop, the whole thing would remain in one piece until hit again and again with equal force or more powerful. This one attribute of the impact glass makes the total idea of taping widows during strong winds sound ridiculous.

Hurricane Shutters

Another current invention that goes light on the pockets are the hurricane shutters. In contrast to the traditional window shutters, this does not block light but wind and rain. They are light and transparent and are made out of 100% UV resistant fabric. Simplicity is also the key here, as they are easy to install, store and maintain. With such protection, the design and the style are just the cherry on top.

Backbone for the garage door

Developed by Secure Door this vertical bracing system made out of aircraft grade aluminum works as a strong and firm backbone for the garage door. It is connected to the wall above the door, into each of the hinge of the door and then finally lands on the floor. All of this is to make the door stay put however powerful might the wind be.

Make your own shelter from the storm

Kevlar is the material that is used to make bullet-proof vests for the police. It is five times stronger than steel. But Kevlar is not our subject matter, made out of this very material the DuPont Storm Shelter is a safe-room in your house that promises to save you from the strongest of hurricanes. The Storm Shelter can withstand winds travelling at the speed of up to 250 mph and is available in different dimensions. No matter how harsh the condition is outside, you’ll always feel extra secure having this little room inside your house.

With developed technology, be weather-ready! For more information, go to:

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Get the Cash You Need To Grow Your Business

You need money to grow your business and it can be tough to get the capital you need for expansions or for new products and equipment.  Cash can influence a lot in your business.  It can affect your work productivity when you cannot repair equipment at that very moment or afford new and fun stock for your business. A shortage of cash can also keep you from expanding so you can grow large and strong and expand your reach to other client rich areas.

Get a business loan

You can now take out a business loan from Mortgage Broker 24/7 and enjoy interest rates as low as 4.40%. The mortgage brokers finance businesses for equipment, they supply capital so you can serve your customers better and you can have a good overdraft through them that you can use for all of your business transactions.  You can also get great debtor financing from the broker firm.  Mortgage Brokers 24/7 is just what you need to improve your business’s productivity or perhaps do that expansion that you have been dreaming off for years. Visit to find out more about the business loans and mortgages supplied by this unique broker firm.

Get the Cash You Need To Grow Your Business

Consider property investments

Property investments are always a great investment for both individuals and businesses.  If your business can start investing in property, it will gain a lot of security.  Property investments such as buy-to-let property is one of the best ways to secure your business’s financial security because property is very unlikely to degrade in value and if your property is in the right area, you are sure to find steady lessees.  The work and maintenance regarding property rental is limited for great income.

Buy your own office or business space instead of renting

One of the biggest reasons for businesses to close down is due to a sudden increase in rental fee of a certain area.  Even moving a business from one location to another is terrible because it is expensive and you will be losing a lot of clients that have gotten used to your old location.  Buying your own business property can help secure your business future because you won’t have to worry about escalating rental fees and no landlord will be able to bully you out of the area.  You can now take out a mortgage to get the property you need and enjoy a low monthly premium because you can extend your loan period for as long as you need.

Invest in other companies

Investing in other companies will not only help improve the overall value of your company but can also secure valuable business deals between the two businesses so your business can flourish in a win-win situation.

It is important to always look for ways to expand your business because it is the only way to secure your future in case of dramatic changes such as natural disasters, recessions and a drop in product demand by your clients.

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Use Audio Adverts and Animated Videos to Explain Products

Not everyone is good with electronic terms and no one will know the benefits of your products if you don’t explain it to them first.  Our world has transformed in the last few decades, mostly due to the internet that provides them with instant access to any content with the click of the button.  Social media sites and websites are fantastic for businesses because they can promote their products more effectively and reach clients across the globe without stepping foot out of the office. The down side to the internet is that it is loaded with fun content such as funny cat videos that internet users would much rather view rather than read an entire explanatory page on a product.   Here are a two great ways to re-capture the attention of internet users and explain the functions of your products much more effectively.

Use Audio Adverts and Animated Videos to Explain Products

Audio adverts

Audio adverts take up much less data than videos and can easily be added to social media pages, blogs and websites.  You can set your audio adverts to play automatically when clients enter a page or simply add the audio file to the product descriptions so clients won’t have to read when they want to learn more about a product. Local voiceover recording services will create high quality, crystal clear files that are incredibly easy to understand.  These services also include other audio sounds such as music and environmental sounds to help capture the attention of prospective clients and to make the audio adverts come to life.   Here are a few important factors to remember when creating an audio file;

Text – Your product text should never sound too commercial because the public no longer trust commercial ads.  Find a script writer who can make the product review or product advert sound fun.

Voice – It is important to get the right voice for your recordings and to focus on accent and gender when you are trying to reach a certain target market.  The voice you choose should be clear, understandable and should sound great on recordings.

Added sounds – Additional sounds can be great to make your audio files come to life but should never be overused or the actual voice will become lost.

Animated videos

Seeing is believing and a great way to convince the public that the product is exactly what they need, is through an animated video.  These videos are great for displaying the technicalities of certain products to clients and to show them how to use the products so they can get the most value for their money.  Your animated video will also require a voice over specialist to create the audio for the video and you will need a good graphic designer to create the visual animations.  It is important to find a professional animator or you might end up with a low quality file or something that does not display all the needed information correctly.

Animated videos and audio adverts are fantastic because you can share them on just about any platform, email them to your client base and display them on your website so your viewers can get a better idea of your unique products and services.

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The Cleverest Ways to Make It Easier To Take Care of Your Dog

Dogs are men’s best friend.  They offer fantastic companionship and safety.  They are always happy to see you and forgive you easily when you are in a bad mood.  It is important to take great care of your dog but our busy work lives have made it hard to keep up with everything we have to do at home.  It is important to do everything in your power to give your dog the attention it needs and you can now find time to play with your pet by using these simple care and grooming techniques;

Get an elevated dog feeder and waterer

Some dogs can be terribly messy when it comes to dinner and drink time.  Some dogs absolutely love to tip their water and food bowls all over your floor and others will get heartburn after eating and make a nasty blurb on your just cleaned carpets.  A great way to cut back on cleaning time is to get an elevated dog feeder. These feeders are specially designed to keep your home clean and your pet healthy and fed.  The elevated feeding angle prevents burping in dogs and also keeps their stomachs from knotting.  If there is less cleaning to do, there will be more free time on your hands so you can play with your dog.  Visit this site to view some of the best and most durable elevated dog bowl sets on the market.

The Cleverest Ways to Make It Easier To Take Care of Your Dog

Build in a doggy shower

Bathing your dog in the bathroom can cause a terrible mess.  Your dog will shake and splash the water all around the bathrooms and soak your nice and clean towels.  No matter how well groomed a dog is, wet dogs smell absolutely awful and your entire bathroom will get that terrible smell every time you bathe your dog.  A great way for you to groom your dog is to get a built in doggy shower or tub outside of the house.  You can clean your dog at ease using a retractable shower head.  Your bathroom will stay clean and your family is much less likely to catch some doggy germs because you are no longer bathing your dog in your tub.  Portable doggy tubs are also great but if you want to make things really simple, get a tub or shower built.

Get a doggy door

A lot of pets are excellent at potty training. They will wake you up even in the middle of the night so they can go and do their business outside.  The down side of these indoor dogs is the fact that you could end up getting up three to six times in one night if your dog isn’t feeling too good or if he is suddenly curious about something outside.  A doggy door is a great way to ensure you get in a lot of sleep while your dog can come and go as he pleases.  Doggy doors can be dangerous for large dogs because some people can actually fit through a Labrador’s doggy door quite easily.  You can only get a doggy door if you have a smaller breed like a Yorkshire terrier.

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